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Bass Treble Booster

Bass Treble Booster 1.1

Bass/Treble Frequency Editor with File Conversion Capability

Being able to modify the output of songs and files in your music collection can bring a whole new dimension to your listening experience. This bass treble booster allows music files to be modified throughout a wide range of sound frequencies.

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    by SONU UPR


  • by Anonymous

    It is very good. It's the best i've ever seen you don't have to worry bout finding bass boosted songs on Youtube when you can do it yourself the way you want it

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good for those who don't know that much about this.. Easy to use. Semi-good workability. Presets are nice, but would need a little something something to stand out better. It is a good thing that you can kinda make playlists whit it aswell. Pros: Easy to use. Playlist. Cons: Graphics (I know it sounds stupid) More options